MKE – Week 2 -Tug-of-War

I survived the first week of the Master Key Experience, after identifying a very scattered mind of the first few days I ended the week feeling a lot more focused and optimistic. I have come to the realization that in the last few months my mind had become so cluttered and unfocused a total discord. I have been trying so many things to change my ‘World without’ by focussing on my Effect.

I have been wasting my time looking for help from the outside, listening to more and more self-help Gurus and finding myself in a place of utter confusion and clutter. Having started this course and discovering the wonderful realization that the power is from the ‘World within’. In this short time on the course I am already feeling quite a change in my mental clarity, along with mapping out where I want to be in the future with a clear plan of where I see myself.

The new good habits that I am instilling in my life are having an immediate effect with instilling the clarity and discipline creating a good feeling of achievement. This is where the Tug-of-war has begun with my old habits wanting to impose themselves on my life and my fight to keep my discipline with following my new habits and keeping my promises to not go back to my old habits or the things I have given up as a sacrifice to achieve my new life. I must admit that I have not always managed to resist the temptation but at least it is in my consciousness of what I am doing, there is a niggling feeling of guilt, and I can quickly pull myself on track.

I surprised myself a bit at the 2 needs I want to manifest in my life being ‘Autonomy’ and ‘Helping others’ but on reflection of my Definite Major Purpose in life I feel I have chosen correctly to lead me to my ultimate goal. I loved the statement from the MKE notes that our PPN (Personal Pivotal Need) being Oxygen for the soul. The start of the exercises was very interesting and my first chore I set myself was accomplished first thing on Monday morning immediately after repeating the “Do it now” exercise. This was a chore that I avoid at all costs, I am now celebrating this accomplishment very proudly. The ‘I promise’ and the ‘I always keep my promises’ has a profound effect on me and has the effect of me not wanting to let myself down if I have given my word. Very effective. I have battled a bit with keeping the shape of the week in the front of my mind only to be reminded when reading my cards. I suppose and hope that with the repetition it will raise my awareness and keep my focus.

‘Today I begin a new life’ in the words of Og Mandino. I truly believe that the time sacrifices now will be a very small price to pay for the happiness and success that will be mine.

I hope you all have a great week and look forward to sharing my MKE experiences with you again next week. Lots of Love and Light Norman.

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